About the Arizmendi Association


The Arizmendi Association of Cooperatives is itself a cooperative made up of seven member businesses: six cooperative bakeries and a development and support collective. Members share a common mission, share ongoing accounting, legal, educational and other support services, and support the development of new member cooperatives by the Association.

Our organizational mission is to:

  • Assure opportunities for workers’ control of their livelihood with fairness and equality for all
  • Develop as many dignified, decently paid (living “wage” or better) work opportunities as possible through the development of new cooperatives
  • Promote cooperative economic democracy as a sustainable and humane option for our society
  • Create work environments that foster profound personal as well as professional growth
  • Exhibit excellence in production and serving our local communities
  • Provide continuing technical, educational and organizational support and services to member cooperatives
  • Seek to link with other cooperatives for mutual support, and to
  • Provide information and education to the larger community about cooperatives

If you are interested in learning more about starting a cooperative, please refer to our page on Worker Cooperative Resources.

Arizmendi Association of Coopertives
1904 Franklin Street, Suite 204
Oakland, CA 94612

(415) 683-3335 phone
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